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Social Media and Authenticity

And because today we will be looking at constructions of the “truth” in Friedrich Nietzsche‘s “On Truth Lying in a Nonmoral Sense,” you might want to check out “Games of Truth” by Rob Horning at The New Inquiry, an article … Continue reading

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A Global History of the Crackdown on Ivory

I ran across this pretty interesting article this morning that discusses the global crackdown on ivory. Written by Svati Kirsten Narula and appearing in The Atlantic, “Crash and Burn: A History of the Global Crackdown on Ivory” details how many … Continue reading

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Light and Dark

In class the symbolic meaning of light and darkness was questioned. Dr. Fest explained that simply thinking of light and dark as good and bad was not the best way of thinking about these two reoccurring themes. In the passages … Continue reading

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Historical Context

When I read the first few pages of Heart of Darkness over the weekend, I was a little confused without the historical context being explicitly stated. If anyone else had that problem at first, read the intro! I know no one likes … Continue reading

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