As I was reading the essay for Jameson, one thing that struck me was the part about Van Gogh’s painting “Peasant Shoes.”  This part was interesting to me, because Jameson brought suggested viewing this painting in two different ways.  So as I was reading, I kind of wanted to see this painting for myself, and I came across a blog written about not only this painting, but a few others done by Van Gogh, also of shoes.  He actually had several paintings of shoes, and one interesting thing that the blog I found notes, is that in most of the paintings, the shoes are untied and on the floor, suggesting that they were taken off after a long day.  I’m still not quite sure why Van Gogh made multiple painting of shoes, but I thought it was a little bit interesting.  Also, seeing the painting for myself made it a little easier for me to see what Jameson was getting at with his essay.  I know this post is kind of random, but just thought I might share what I came up with

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  1. Beth, thanks for this post. Jameson’s discussion of these shoes is quite important, as his most immediate target here is Martin Heidegger’s discussion of these shoes in his famous, “On the Origin of the Work of Art,” collected in Heidegger’s very important book on aesthetics, Poetry, Language, Thought.

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