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GR Character Map

This is the link to the character map I’ve been using to keep the main characters/events in GR straight in my mind!  You can also access the chart on the homepage of the GR Wiki (it’s item 4 in the … Continue reading

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Maxwell’s Demon

“A limit was always there to be brought to. It was so easy to grow up under that dispensation. All was just as wholesome as could be. Edges were hardly ever glimpsed, much less flirted at or with. Destruction, oh, … Continue reading

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An Illustrated Gravity’s Rainbow

In the comments to one of the posts Christina expressed a desire for illustrations of the novel. So I give you Zak Smith’s Illustrations for Each Page of Gravity’s Rainbow. And a sample below. Enjoy.

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The Séance of Walter Rathenau

“They arrive at Peter Sachsa’s well after dark. She finds a séance just about to begin… The objective tonight is to get in touch with the late foreign minister Walter Rathenau… There are specific messages tonight. Questions for the former … Continue reading

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“’You’ve seen his MMPI.  His F Scale? Falsifications, distorted thought processes… The scores show it clearly; he’s psychopathically deviant, obsessive, a latent paranoiac- well, Pavlov believed that obsessions and paranoid delusions were a result of certain- call them cells, neurons, … Continue reading

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Leftward into the Unconscious

              “You set out to the left. (Usually in these dreams of home you prefer landscape to the right– broad night-lawns, towered over by ancient walnut trees, a hill, a wooden fence, hollowoeyed horses … Continue reading

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Death Battle: Marx vs. Manchu

At some point, apparently on a whim, though how can a fellow be sure, Slothrop decides to raise a mustache. Last mustache he had was at age 13, he sent away to that Johnson Smith for a whole Mustache Kit, … Continue reading

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