Fritz Lang Films


I thought it might be fun to find the movie posters for the films my critic spoke of in his article, so here they are–they’re both kind of fascinating. Metropolis also has a bunch of different ones, some even more exciting than this example, so if you like movies or movie posters I’d recommend Googling it.


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5 Responses to Fritz Lang Films

  1. moniquebriones2014 says:

    Clips from Metropolis have the habit of showing up all the time, as well, considering the impact it had on special effects in film and pop culture as a whole (Freddie Mercury and Janelle Monae have used Metropolis as influences in their work, for instance).

    Here is a video of some of the more referenced parts of the movie, usually revolving around the character Maria or the android created that looks like Maria:

    Before researching this movie further, I’d only ever seen Metropolis’s dancing scene referenced, starting around the 7-minute mark, but I believe it’s also the most famous part of the film. Feel free to mute the video and play your own music, the score is atrocious.

  2. Steph Roman says:

    That’s fantastic. I ended up watching that whole clip, and it’s both intrigued and mystified me. From only those ten minutes I understand why this film’s been so hugely influential. Thanks for posting that!

  3. jcm93pitt says:

    Metropolis actually has a bunch of different versions, which may be why a ton of posters exist. There’s even one version from the 1980s that’s color-tinted and has a truly ridiculous pop soundtrack. A couple of the key artists featured were Pat Benetar and Freddie Mercury. It was quite an odd adaptation of the work, to say the very least, and definitely worth watching! This version is also significantly shorter than the original, which may make it a bit less daunting to some viewers.

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