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Google vs the Counterforce

I found this article last week and I forgot to post it, but it’s about a group of people protesting Google in February and calling themselves the Counterforce after Gravity’s Rainbow. The article doesn’t say much about Thomas Pynchon or … Continue reading

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Pynchon’s Complex Narrative

            “Recognizing Reality, Realizing Responsibility” by Craig Hansen Werner is a critical essay on Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow. I think the essay works to answer the question, how do I approach reading Gravity’s Rainbow? The last sentence on the first … Continue reading

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Understanding Waxwing

“The fella turns out to be Blodgett Waxing, well-known escapee from the Caserne Martier in Paris, the worst stockade in the ETO. Waxwing’s specialty is phonying documents of various sorts — PX ration cards, passports, Soldbucher – whilst dealing in … Continue reading

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Banana Breakfast

Christina Cerio   “Chop several bananas into pieces. Make coffee in urn. Get can of milk from cooler. Puree ‘nanas in milk. Lovely. I would coat all the booze-corroded stomachs of England… Bit of marge, still smells all right, melt in … Continue reading

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The Chapman lighthouse On page 5 of Heart of Darkness, the narrator describes the Chapman lighthouse. This is a link to a website about the lighthouse described, which includes pictures and a brief history. I thought the website was cool because it … Continue reading

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