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Power and the Obscene Word

In his essay Power and the Obscene Word: Discourses of Extremity in “Gravity’s Rainbow”, author Christopher Ames writes about a very interesting part of Gravity’s Rainbow: the obscenities present in it. Ames notes that the study of obscene language in … Continue reading

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Frankenstein, Dracula and Pynchon

As most of us have learned throughout our reading of this novel, Pynchon is obviously no stranger to allusions, literary or otherwise. In my first post, I briefly touched on a possible allusion to film by connecting the Adenoid to … Continue reading

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The Adenoid and Nazi Germany

“[Pirate] reeled back, in horror, back past the point – such recognitions are not reversible. It was a giant Adenoid. At least as big as St. Paul’s, and growing hour by hour. London, perhaps all England, was in mortal peril!” … Continue reading

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