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All the Pynchonian World’s a Stage

Gabriele Schwab’s article, Creative Paranoia and Frost Patterns of White Words, centrally focuses on the idea that trying to make sense of historical occurrences in a conventional and streamlined manner retrospectively leaves out something that Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow successfully … Continue reading

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Jessica’s Expression

Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow is chock-full of dozens of references to history, pop culture, science, etc. So for our blog assignment it was difficult to choose just one reference to focus on. For my main post, I decided to go with … Continue reading

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Roger Mexico’s Poisson Equation

“His little bureau is dominated now by a glimmering map, a window into another landscape than winter Sussex, written names and spidering streets, an ink ghost of London, ruled off into 576 squares, a quarter square kilometer each. Rocket strikes … Continue reading

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Historical Context

When I read the first few pages of Heart of Darkness over the weekend, I was a little confused without the historical context being explicitly stated. If anyone else had that problem at first, read the intro! I know no one likes … Continue reading

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