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Proverbs for Paranoids

I read Louis Mackey’s critical essay Paranoia, Pynchon, and Preterition. There are many claims in this essay regarding the relationship between the word preterite and the overall language of Gravity’s Rainbow, all of which are explained through Slothrop’s Proverbs for Paranoids. However, for … Continue reading

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Maxwell’s Demon

“A limit was always there to be brought to. It was so easy to grow up under that dispensation. All was just as wholesome as could be. Edges were hardly ever glimpsed, much less flirted at or with. Destruction, oh, … Continue reading

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Facing the Inevitable

“There is no way out. Lie and wait, lie still and be quiet. Screaming holds across the sky. When it comes, will it come in darkness, or will it bring its own light? Will the light come before or after?” … Continue reading

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