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Building on Modernism (In Response to “Modernist Reading, Post-Modern Text”)

Report The overarching theme of Brian McHale’s argument in “Modernist Reading, Post-Modern Text: The Case of Gravity’s Rainbow” is that Gravity’s Rainbow doesn’t quite fit into the typical mold of other Post-Modern works, and that it is closer to Modernist works … Continue reading

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The Séance of Walter Rathenau

“They arrive at Peter Sachsa’s well after dark. She finds a séance just about to begin… The objective tonight is to get in touch with the late foreign minister Walter Rathenau… There are specific messages tonight. Questions for the former … Continue reading

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Symbolic Foreshadowing in “The White Visitation”

“Whig eccentricity is carried out in this house to most unhealthy extremes … The W.C.s contain frescoes of Clive and his elephants stomping the French at Plassy, fountains that depict Salome with the head of John (water gushing out ears, … Continue reading

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