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The Zone Hereros and the Elect

For our third blog post I picked Paul Bove’s History and Fiction: The Narrative Voices of Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow. Bove begins by addressing other critics of Gravity’s Rainbow. First, he mentions Tanner who Bove builds off of throughout the article. … Continue reading

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The 1%’s Phonebook

                “They were not aristocrats, no Slothrop ever made it into the Social Register or the Somerset Club – they carried on their enterprise in silence, assimilated in life to the dynamic that surrounded them thoroughly as in death they … Continue reading

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The Preterite and the Elect

“But if they were chosen to come to Mauritius, why had they also been chosen to fail, and leave? Is that a choosing or is it a passing-over? Are they Elect, or are they Preterite, and doomed as dodoes?” (Pynchon … Continue reading

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