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The Ultimate Modern Experience

Tony Tanner’s argument in his critical essay “Gravity’s Rainbow: An Experience in Modern Reading” explores the parallels between reading the novel and the modern day reality of the reader. In the opening paragraphs of his essay, he discusses Pynchon’s use … Continue reading

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GR Character Map

This is the link to the character map I’ve been using to keep the main characters/events in GR straight in my mind!  You can also access the chart on the homepage of the GR Wiki (it’s item 4 in the … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Pynchonian Superhero

“Four-color Plasticman goes oozing out of a keyhole, around a corner and up through piping that leads to a sink in the mad Nazi scientist’s lab, out of whose faucet Plas’s head now, blank carapaced eyes and un-plastic jaw, is … Continue reading

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Pynchon’s Representation of Reality and the Supernatural

“‘Here, fellow,’ coaxes Roger.  ‘Nice bottle of ether here for you,’ opening the flask, waving it in the cellar entrance, then switching on his beam.  Dog looks up out of an old rusted pram, bobbing black shadows, tongue hanging, utter … Continue reading

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Marlow the Parrhesiast

The article “Games of Truth” by Rob Horning that was posted on the blog by Dr. Fest really shed some light (no pun intended) on the “yarns of seamen” passage we interpreted for our third short paper.  Shortly into his … Continue reading

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