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“Fun actually was actually becoming subversive.”

            Molly Hite’s critical work with Pynchon published in 2004 has the title “Fun Actually Was Becoming Quite Subversive.” It is an interesting title, because it originated somewhere completely different than Gravity’s Rainbow, in fact it came from the 1969 … Continue reading

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Poisson Distribution

Throughout his novel, Pynchon consistently refers to the Poisson distribution, specifically in the argument between Pointsman and Mexico on pages 56-58 about Pavlovian phycology and statistics.  Pointsman argues that the bombings can be explained and understood and consequently predicted by … Continue reading

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Dr. Strangelove

During our discussion of Pynchon, I took special note of his black humor usage.  I think a great example of black humor and the mutual destruction of society is the 1964 film “Dr. Strangelove.” It’s a great film about a … Continue reading

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Pavlovian vs. Statistics

I would like to discuss the conversation between Dr. Pointsman and Roger Mexico about the statistical probability of war.  Between the two exist two different mindsets about the bombings.  Pointsman is a notorious Pavlovian, someone who believes things can be … Continue reading

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Is Marlow at peace?

We spent a great deal of time talking about Kurtz’s death scene and his final moments and Marlow’s reaction to that time, but I couldn’t help but feel like we didn’t talk a whole lot about Marlow at the very … Continue reading

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