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I found this article, and it relates to what we discussed on the last day of class.  The CEO of UPMC made almost 6 million dollars last year, and still claims it’s a ‘non-profit’ organization Advertisements

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Just wanted to share one of the critical essays I found and am using to write my final paper. Hopefully it can help someone else out as well. Christine Turier, “Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow,” Explicator 50, no. 4 (Summer 1992): 244-46.

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Green Scripts in Gravity’s Rainbow

               The essay I chose to read was Chris Coughran’s criticism of Gravity’s Rainbow, titled “Green Scripts In Gravity’s Rainbow: Pynchon, Pastoral Ideology and the Performance of Ecological Self.” This turned out to be … Continue reading

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“’You’ve seen his MMPI.  His F Scale? Falsifications, distorted thought processes… The scores show it clearly; he’s psychopathically deviant, obsessive, a latent paranoiac- well, Pavlov believed that obsessions and paranoid delusions were a result of certain- call them cells, neurons, … Continue reading

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 “Oughtn’t he to be doing something… get on to the operations room at Stanmore, they must have it on the Channel radars-no: no time, really.  Less than five minutes Hague to here (the time it takes to walk down to … Continue reading

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Jameson As I was reading the essay for Jameson, one thing that struck me was the part about Van Gogh’s painting “Peasant Shoes.”  This part was interesting to me, because Jameson brought suggested viewing this painting in two different ways. … Continue reading

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