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Google vs the Counterforce

I found this article last week and I forgot to post it, but it’s about a group of people protesting Google in February and calling themselves the Counterforce after Gravity’s Rainbow. The article doesn’t say much about Thomas Pynchon or … Continue reading

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I found this article, and it relates to what we discussed on the last day of class.  The CEO of UPMC made almost 6 million dollars last year, and still claims it’s a ‘non-profit’ organization

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Just wanted to share one of the critical essays I found and am using to write my final paper. Hopefully it can help someone else out as well. Christine Turier, “Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow,” Explicator 50, no. 4 (Summer 1992): 244-46.

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Building off Bloom in Byron the Bulb

Zeroing in on the eight-page story of Byron the Bulb in Gravity’s Rainbow, Harold Bloom’s introduction to Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow: Modern Critical Interpretations renders a portrait of Pynchon’s vision of the American Sublime. Bloom begins by detailing a compiled … Continue reading

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The Irony of Paranoid Fiction

At the onset of Leo Braudy’s essay entitled Providence, Paranoia, and the Novel, Braudy begins to explain the importance of providence in the pre-17th century world, and thus in pre-17th/18th century works of fiction. Providence, Braudy claims was “the all … Continue reading

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“The Ritual of Military Memory” by Paul Fussell

In Paul Fussell’s essay “The Ritual of Military Memory” first discusses the way war is remembered by soldiers.  He says that in moments of crisis, when soldiers recognizes that every moment they are experiencing could be their last, they “assign … Continue reading

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All the Pynchonian World’s a Stage

Gabriele Schwab’s article, Creative Paranoia and Frost Patterns of White Words, centrally focuses on the idea that trying to make sense of historical occurrences in a conventional and streamlined manner retrospectively leaves out something that Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow successfully … Continue reading

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