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Chinua Achebe, Eat, Pray, Love, and Nonwestern Exotification

Reading Achebe’s “An Image of Africa” reminded me of the storm of criticism that occurred when Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller Eat, Pray, Love was turned into a film in 2010. (I admit I haven’t read the book or watched the movie.)  … Continue reading

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Marlow the Parrhesiast

The article “Games of Truth” by Rob Horning that was posted on the blog by Dr. Fest really shed some light (no pun intended) on the “yarns of seamen” passage we interpreted for our third short paper.  Shortly into his … Continue reading

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For Your Amusement

Someone just showed this to me and I couldn’t resist posting it for your enjoyment. The video below comes from Thug Notes: Classical Literature, Original Gangster, which puts up a weekly video discussing and analyzing famous literary works, narrated by … Continue reading

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The Chapman lighthouse On page 5 of Heart of Darkness, the narrator describes the Chapman lighthouse. This is a link to a website about the lighthouse described, which includes pictures and a brief history. I thought the website was cool because it … Continue reading

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A Global History of the Crackdown on Ivory

I ran across this pretty interesting article this morning that discusses the global crackdown on ivory. Written by Svati Kirsten Narula and appearing in The Atlantic, “Crash and Burn: A History of the Global Crackdown on Ivory” details how many … Continue reading

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